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Further Resources on SAMR

From: Fraser Speirs
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012
At the launch day, we discussed a model of technology adoption called SAMR, developed by Dr. Reuben Puentedura. Here are some more resources to help you understand this model:
In that presentation, Dr Puentedura talks about the “SAMR Ladder” and posits some questions that teachers and leaders can ask themselves:


  • What will I gain by replacing the older technology with the new technology?

Substitution to Augmentation:

  • Have I added a feature to the task process that could not be done with the older technology at a fundamental level?
  • How does this feature contribute to my design?

Augmentation to Modification:

  • How is the original task being modified?
  • Does this modification depend upon the new technology? • How does this modification contribute to my design?

Modification to Redefinition:

  • What is the new task?
  • Will it replace or supplement older tasks?
  • How is it uniquely made possible by the new technology?
  • How does it contribute to my design?
It would be very interesting to hear some classroom stories from the first couple of weeks of the pilot if anyone can share?

Lucy Gallagher Thu, 29 Mar

Not iPads as much as iPhones yet - are truly and radically transforming our communication at Sciennes with parents. We used to go to camp (Benmore and Lagganlia) twice a year completely laden with equipment - laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, cables, chargers... but this year in February we just took our iPhones. iPhones and Blogger have transformed the way we communicate and the iPads have been used in school by the children to blog, too.
Convenience. Immediacy. Lightweight, mobile, easily transportable, instantaneous. Quick and effortless to use, so more users coming onboard and communicating with parents more frequently. Minimal training or experience required. Blogger and Twitter Apps on iPhones and iPads link seamlessly with website version.
Substitution to Augmentation
More users, more blogs, more communication
Augmentation to Modification:
Same process but quicker because photos taken on iPhones and iPads can be uploaded immediately - without need to connect any external devices to laptop
Modification to Redefinition:
School website redesigned to incorporate Blogs and Tweets and to display better on mobile devices, since Stats show that many parents are using these to access school website on the go. Worthwhile to take time to redesign to encourage more parents to use website and to encourage more staff to use it as platform to communicate.

Fraser Speirs Fri, 30 Mar 

I think what you say is really important. When you look at the upper levels of SAMR, it’s easy to look at it from a purely technological point of view and say “well, of course, I could have edited videos before”. We did have that capability.
It has been my experience, too, in the classroom that easy access to the technology, reliability of the technology and the speed of completing the task all add up to a kind of ‘process transformation’. It’s not that we couldn’t do it before – it’s that the effort was so great that we would only do it for special projects or occasions.

Andrew Jewell Fri, 30 Mar 

Absolutely Lucy, 
Too often schools are looking for examples of transformation in terms of 'special' lessons or one-off activities or projects. What you say is in many ways more fundamental in how it transforms the foundational framework of school life.
Many times we have photographed, videos, edited, commented and blogged before arriving home from trips such as you describe. This transforms the way the school communicates and the way that stakeholders such as parents and friends can interact as part of the school community.
These changes are in many ways more significant than special lessons or projects involving technology.

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