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Preparing to Launch

Sciennes was delighted to be invited to participate in the national 1:1 pilot and the plan of action started to kick in immediately we returned from the launch in Coatbridge on Friday 16th March 2012, fired up by what we had seen and the opportunities presented.

On Saturday 17th March Angela Christie visited Edinburgh City Libraries to find our about the Overdrive app, to give access to free ebooks for our children. Also on Saturday Wendy came in to school to update our iPads to iOS5.

Week One:
Monday 19th March
Letter issued to parents in two pilot classes.
Project announced to pilot classes.
(Project also explained to four classes not participating in 1:1 pilot.)
Letters issued ahead of Parents' Consultation evenings to give opportunity for parents to discuss when in school, including link to Hull University's Parent Baseline Survey.

Sciennes Initial Parent Letter 19.3.12

1:1 National Pilot at Sciennes in P6A and P5C
Sciennes Primary School embraces the use of technology in learning and teaching to support our learners and prepare them for an ever changing, advancing technological world.

All our pupils currently have access to 33 desktop computers in our Computer Suite and 8 wifi-connected netbooks in our Library. Our Primary Seven pupils each have a personal handheld computer in school, with wireless connectivity. Each teacher has a laptop connected to an Interactive Whiteboard and Visualiser (Document Camera).

City of Edinburgh is soon to begin the redesign of its ICT infrastructure in schools. Our existing BT serviced equipment will be replaced and upgraded and each school will also benefit from increased bandwidth and wireless provision. The new network will now have the capacity to connect additional, portable, wi-fi enabled devices. This is an exciting opportunity for our school to consider which technology will best meet the needs of our learners. In preparation for the improvements to the council network school purchased a class set of iPads in September 2011.

Ms French has been piloting the use of iPads with P6A in myriad, creative ways. The devices have also been shared with Miss Gaffney in P6B, Mrs Watson in P6C, Mrs Barker in P5C and Mr McKenna in Science. Curriculum for Excellence places increased emphasis on thinking skills, creativity, independent research, collaboration and interdisciplinary projects. The shared set of devices has been used extensively and has proved to be a rich platform for both personalised and collaborative learning.

Access to a shared set of iPads has already impacted positively across many classes and they have proved to be motivating, intuitive tools for both learning and teaching. Indepth research has been undertaken into identifying educational and productive Apps and we have learned a great deal about managing use of the iPads.

We believe that our pupils will now greatly benefit from access to a personal mobile device – a model most frequently referred to as 1:1 (i.e. one device for exclusive use by one pupil) – to enable seamless transition of learning between school and home. It is our belief that a common device – understood and used by staff, pupils and parents – can strengthen partnerships and transform learning.

Sciennes is extremely privileged to have been invited to take part in a national 1:1 pilot, supported by the Scottish Government. We are excited to announce that this will allow us to provide your child with an iPad for school and home use. We will work closely with Education Scotland, City of Edinburgh Council, selected schools in other educational authorities, Hull University and Apple to trial 1:1 use of iPads in P6A and P5C and we seek to begin this pilot in April.

We will be supported throughout by training and technical advice. Hull University will guide us through a research project to measure improvement and flexibility in learning, and we will work as pathfinders, alongside key City of Edinburgh staff, in the logistics of a one to one deployment. Our experiences will be shared with other schools embarking on similar deployments and we seek to explore how we can embed and sustain the 1:1 model in our school, beyond the scope of the pilot.

We would like to invite you to an Information Event, explaining the pilot project, on Wednesday 28th March at 3.30pm – 4.30pm and again at 6 – 7pm.
We plan to launch our project officially on Thursday 19th April and will contact you to try to gauge timings that would suit you best. Each pupil will then be issued with a personal iPad and there will be an opportunity for you to sign an acceptable use contract to enable your child to take the iPad home.

Further opportunities will be planned for us to work together and we would greatly appreciate your completion of a baseline parental survey from Hull Uniiversity which will be issued on Wednesday 21st March.

There will be an opportunity while you are attending Parents’ Consultation on Tuesday 20th March or Thursday 22nd March should you wish to ask any questions or make any comments in advance of the Information Event.

Thank you.
Alison Noble      Lucy Gallagher                   Angela Christie
Headteacher    Acting Depute Headteacher    Business Manager
Wendy French          Fiona Barker
P6A Class Teacher P5c Class Teacher

Pupils  in both classes undertake Hull University's Baseline Survey.

Hull University Pilot Project Research - Pupil Baseline Study from Sciennes Primary School on Vimeo.

Invitation to parent information sessions issued.

Planning for Parent Information Session:
Half an hour presentation then half an hour to mingle/hands on. Two sessions – one straight after school and one later in evening. 3.30-4.30pm 6.00-7.00pm.
Purpose is awareness raising only, to flag up project, let it settle in over holiday and communicate what will happen when project launches.
Introduce Team and extended team
Pilot project announcement: invitation to National Pilot; our belief in 1:1 model as way to transform learning and strengthen partnerships; classes and teachers involved; Hull University research; technical support and training for staff; new network capabilities; launch date and times; AUP and procedures for signing up to be able to take iPads home; future planned opportunities for working together; ways to communicate with us and ask questions.
Questions from the floor
Hands on and informal questions at stations in Hall
Could we use ActivEngage for instant anonymous feedback? Wordfeed.
*introduce school team and extended team (any visitors)
*share purpose of this meeting – background information; outline of pilot project and what will happen when invited back for launch
*explain improvements to new network and (in anticipation)the developments put in place with iPads since Sept
*share vision – for pilot and beyond
*showcase some pupil work (more at Launch) and pupils on hand for mingling later
*identify what will be in place in time for official launch: iPads set up; RUP contract; Apps installed
*establish what parents require to do before launch: complete baseline survey, sign research consent form and inform us when completed; indicate attendance using Doodle form; inform us of home connectivity; create/identify a home email account for Apple ID/iCloud; sign up to Overdrive; approach us with questions/comments
*convey it is an opportunity to strengthen partnerships (identify ways we will communicate and continue to work together).
*respond to initials questions from the floor
*provide an informal opportunity to ask questions/comment when mingling

When we were considering leasing from eLearning last year we mooted this at School Council Parent Forum/AGM 16th June 2011. Here are some notes from that informal chat, which might predict likely questions/comments:
Mixed response – good degree of interest plus some concerns
how often would they be used – eye strain, isolating. Mentioned approaches would  mostly be collaborative and would be used as and when needed, not all day.
Transporting – security – target for theft. Could be left in school if parents not comfortable. ‘do they bounce?’ – kids being careless with schoolbags – mentioned great insurance which replaces breakages
Funding – what if families found they could no longer commit to monthly payments?; pressure to pay; some not able to afford so PTA would have to pick up. Mentioned scheme voluntary, invisible how much each family contributed. Possibility of grants from scheme. Equitable access provided so those less able to pay can still have machine. Own at end. iPad2 good deal. Yes could be used by family. Only 15 families in entire school without broadband. Possibility of dongle built into scheme.
Handwriting – would children lose that skill? Integrated use within existing curriculum though pointed out easier to compose and edit electronically – adults accustomed to that, same opportunities for children.
Sharing learning between home and school an advantage. Glow can be glue.
Internet filtering at home – yes must be policed at home -filtered access in school – and advice would be provided to parents on how to set up own filtering/protection.
Hard to keep an eye on pupil access at home because so portable. Suggested parents impose own rules at home – can only be used in their company. Use as tool to support dialogue and engagement between child an dparent.
What could they be used for – one parent had never seen one. Much scope for sharing possibilities with parents
Also lots of excitement and interest at prospect and keen to hear more

Week Two:
Two Parent Information sessions held on same evening 3.30-4.30 and 6.00-7.00pm
62 iPads arrive
End of term

Follow up to Information Event for Non- Attenders

Thank you to everyone who managed to come along to our 1:1 iPad Pilot Information Event on Wednesday 28th March. We realise that the time was not suitable for everyone, so we have posted a copy of our presentation on the school website in Learning>At Home>1:1 or click on this link. (Please click on the gear wheel at the foot of the slideshow to access the notes which accompany each slide.)
Your engagement in the project is highly valued and we timed the event to allow families time to consider any questions and comments ahead of the Official Launch on Thursday 19th April at 7pm in the Hall, when parents and children will be invited to school to sign Responsible Use Contracts and be given an iPad for home use. We aim to be responsive to parental feedback and questions and we have already received useful suggestions which can be incorporated into our project. We intend to open up more channels of communication, through blogs and Glow, and provide workshops and further opportunities to meet. Meanwhile, please feel welcome to email directly to
A reminder that we would appreciate your support in:
  • completing the baseline parent survey
  • emailing to inform her you have completed the survey and advising us if you have broadand and/or wireless at home
  • sign and return the Hull University paper consent form, to allow us to interview pupils for research purposes on the impact of the project
We shared with parents at the Information Event that we would be grateful if you could:
  • sign up to City of Edinburgh free ebooks service or join up online
  • provide an email account for your child (one which is not linked to a credit card)
  • begin a dialogue with us
  • attend the Official Launch on Thursday 19th April (or notify us if you are not able to attend)
A parent asked to see the survey that the pupils have now completed in school, anonymously, so here is the link, but please do not complete the survey

Weeks Three and Four (during Easter holiday):
SMT, Wendy, Fiona, ICT DO Fiona Hunter and Jamie Marshsall from XMA unpack, label and configure iPads.
iPad contracts prepared:
Pupils and Parents/Carers to sign paper copies of Sciennes' "Technology and Internet Responsible Use" Contract on 19th April.

Pupils to read a paper copy of Sciennes' iPad Pupil Guidelines (which is a simplified version of our "iPad Responsible Use Contract") on 19th April.
Parents/Carers and Pupils to sign a paper copy of Sciennes' "iPad Responsible Use Contract" on 19th April.

Week Five:
Ready to launch on Thursday 19th April

Planning for Official Launch Thursday 19th April

Hoping we can jot down ideas together in this space as ideas evolve.
(Dilemma – Wendy’s class up and running and HUGE amount of effort gone in to setting up original class set. Her class already had privilege of being first class to use them BUT have never used them exclusively or had one personal to them. For purposes of 1:1 would be good to give both classes same experience of being handed personal iPad (not quite straight out of the box because we’ll need to set them up, but they can be put back in boxes for issue). Not feasible to hold two separate launches for each class. So, P6B and P6C could have exclusive use of original after Easter so they don’t feel left out and new iPads can be set up on new school admin accounts for after holiday. Original set can be changed to admin account later. Some school time for Wendy, Fiona, Lucy and Angela would be extremely useful to agree procedures, select Apps for repurchase and set up two new sets. Wendy has spent so much time already that I am happy to work on getting them up and running in holiday.)
On the day – pupils presenting and guest speakers. Use iPad for presentations maybe – would rather run slideshow from MacBook.
Set up Hall from 6pm for 7pm start. Must be all out before 9pm very latest. Bought an Apple TV – test out.
P6A and P5C parents have been emailed, directing them to school website 1:1 section where presentation from Info Session is stored so no need for major spiel. Lots of admin – set up carefully to be slick as possible.
Admin: (eek -loads, but should be quicker if already had sight of these) documents to photocopy for pack emboldened
pupils sign Technology and Internet RUP
pupils get copy of simplified iPad RUP Pupil iPad Guidelines just to read, no need to sign and have yet another piece of paper
parents and pupils sign same copy of Parent and Pupil iPad RUP
parents sign ethics consent form and baseline survey (if not already)
parents sign up for Library2go – Susan Varga will bring materials
Parent and Carer Partners Ways to keep in touch and checklist of requirements
Library2go materials
Apple Workshops – glossy leaflets on way
Glow Log-ins on sticker on box
Parents move from one table to next to complete various sign ups/take away materials. Tables manned. Think about placing of tables and seating – with max two parents per child and child could be 200 people. Progress round tables to all singing all dancing shiny table at back with lovely iPads in boxes. Hand out case. Consider easiest way to distribute. And a balloon!;-) Angela tried to get Apple bags at the Apple Store in Glasgow
*Welcome HT; School Council Chair?
Post-It on the way in
*Key points of pilot: very brief (aims and vision; invitation to National Pilot, new network capabilities, how mobile devices will impact on learning and teaching; plant seed of embedding 1:1 model long term (PTA fundraising, leasing)
*Introduce teachers
*Pupil presentations and showcase
*Brief demo of Overdrive library ebooks from Susan Varga
*Hopefully star turns from big hitters Dave McKee and Jim Elder Baby with iPad video Hopefully Jim will talk about Apple ID, setting parental controls and Find My iPad.
*Mention ways to communicate ie website, logs, Glow, workshops, further meetings, but issue info about this beforehand by email.Spend some time on eSafety and how to access School Internet Safety Resources and other materials via Glow
*Hold up contracts to be signed and explain what needed adminwise- Parent/Pupil Responsible iPad Use Contract (same contract to be signed by parent and pupil)- email before launch (also email Pupil Responsible Internet and Technology Use Contract before launch)Sign and retain paper copies of both on night. Will also need mopped up Parent Survey, mopped up Ethics Consent and space for Susan’s ebooks sign up and materials.Plus iPad stations if room?
*Questions from the floor
Hands on and informal questions at stations in Hall with pupils to demonot time for this. Need to ship out, but hopefully time at a future workshop
*Sign up and take home iPad in case with box
Post-It on the way out.

Core Free Apps - First Deployment

Apps are Listed Alphabetically
Wendy’s Finds
Also see screenshots from Apple Configurator in Sciennes’ Files section of Basecamp
AB Math Lite
Addroit HD Lite
Animals 100 Lite
Animoto Video Slideshows
Astro Math Free
AstorApp: Space Shuttle Crew
Basic Fraction
BrainPop Featured Movie
Butterfly Math Addition
Calculator for iPad HD
Chicken Coop Fractions Game Free- Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad
Dragon Dictation
Dreams of Burma (National Geographic Fotopedia)
Elevated Math
Epic Citadel
Era of Dino
Fotopedia Heritage
Fotopedia Japan
Fotopedia North Korea
Fotopedia Paris
Fotopedia Wild Friends
Fotopedia Women of the World
Free Spanish Tutor 24/7 Language Learning
Google Earth
Grammar Jammers
I Have App from Interface3. Naomi Kennedy from Edinburgh University keen for us to trial this free maths App they have designed.
IMLS HD Junior Librarian (links to school library
iTunes U
Learn Spanish – Mindsnacks
Learn Spanish Free
Lonely Planet Globe Tripper HD Lite
Miss Spell’s Class
Multiplication Genius x19 Free
Multiply Wiz Free
NASA Television
Overdrive Media Console- Library eBooks and Audiobooks=
PhotoPuppet HD Lite Free. (We were able to install additional free apps – beyond set installed with Apple Configurator- along with paid apps by adding these to the back up master in iTunes)
Picturizr for iPad
PopMath Lite
Promethean ActivEngage ActivEngage Pilot project
Puppet Pals HD
Spell That!
The Guardian Eyewitness
Timeline Eons
Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD
Weather HD Free
Apps being considered:
Screen Chomp Wendy’s find – install next time
Moodboard Lite is free but we decided to buy Moodboard full version £6.99)
Viewfinder is very nicely designed and is £6.99. We could use Advanced Search in Google (see Files section) but decided to give to Wendy as treat :-) Developed by Fraser Speirs, Connected Flow.
Possible Further Free Apps for next deployment (Alphabetical):
Drawcast Blending, changing the brush size, changing colours, layering and importing pictures
eFlash Spanish and eFlash Spanish 2 flashcards
Flow Draw
Free Spanish Audio Flashcards
Idea Sketch
Khan Academy – hundreds of progressive maths tutorials from very basics 1+1 on(download videos and watch offline)
Learn Spanish for Kids
Learn Spanish iLang
Learn Spanish with busuu
Maria’s Spanish Class Lite
Motion Pictures -timelapse photography
Pic Collage
Pizza Frations (but annoyingly have to shake for new fraction)
Prezi Viewer – only to view prezis
Simple Math for Kids
Spanglish Free
Spanish Numbers
Sticky Notes (online Post Its)
The Elementals
Australian App Suggestions
The Land of Me Lovely free App for younger children


TrashFraser Speirs said… 03 Apr 12

Just one comment about the Khan Academy apps: they tend to be quite large. We deployed five or six Chemistry apps and they were each of moderate size (150-200MB) but when you add it up, they tend to eat space.
That’s not to say you shouldn’t use them but you might want to use them and then delete them when they’ve been used.

Trash Lucy Gallagher said… 03 Apr 12

Hi Fraser
That’s really useful advice – thank you. I hadn’t realised the files were so big!

Trash Lucy Gallagher said… 03 Apr 12

PS Nice Viewfinder App btw! Our costs are mounting though and we need to reign in :-)

Core Paid Apps at Sciennes

Some Links to iTunes Preview Pages are from US iTunes
Apple Apps
GarageBand £2.99
iMovie £2.99
Keynote £6.99
Pages £6.99 (or use Google docs meanwhile)
Alphabetical Paid Apps
Book Creator for iPad £2.99
Brushes iPad Edition £5.49
Comic Life £2.99
I Can Animate £1.99
iThoughts HD (mindmapping)£6.99
Math Bingo £0.69
Whiteboard HD Internet Collaboration £2.99
Moodboard full version is £6.99
Viewfinder £6.99 Developed by Fraser Speirs, Connected Flow.Special present for Wendy :)-

Numbers £6.99 (or just use Google docs meanwhile)
Google docs can also be used for PowerPoint
Times Tables 24×7 Digital £0.69
Kid Genius £0.69 for EAL pupils
If poetry £2.99

Figurin' Configurin'

Update Tuesday 19th April following whole day visit to school by Jamie Marshall XMA and Fiona Hunter ICT D.O. Thanks to Angela, too
Jamie had great idea to deploy paid and free Apps using ‘Restore Back Up’ feature and then layer Apple Configurator on top so we could still give pupils the ability to buy their own Apps with own Apple ID. Modifications to supervision has some relevance but will not work with encryption, and encryption is needed to set up wifi settings etc. Worth a try though and when Volume Purchasing is rectified we now know a great deal more about Apple Configurator and ultimately it will provide the best model. To ensure we can launch next week we opted for using Apple Configurator to update i0S5 (see Files section iOS Update with Configurator) and then distributed Apps via ‘Restore Back Up’. Pupils should now still be able to purchase own Apps but must guard against wiping iPad.
Jamie, does this have relevance? Modifications to supervision
Update following whole day visit from Jamie Marshall Tues 2.4.12 and taken from his iOS Deployment notes (posted in Basecamp) Thanks to Fiona Hunter and Jenni Robertson ICT D.O.s for advance investigation of Apple Configurator and to Angela, Wendy, Fiona and Erin for coming in during the holidays. Thanks to Neil the janitor for unpacking all the iPads in readiness, too
We have adopted his third model – Layered Ownership Personal meets Institutional- however, volume licensing not fully in place in UK so Free Apps have been deployed using Apple Configurator and school purchased paid Apps deployed using school admin account, which likely means end user will NOT be able to purchase additional Apps. Suck it and see.
Slow wireless connection hampered progress and we are indebted to Jamie and also Fiona Hunter (ICT Development Officer) for their outstanding support and advice all day. Both have gererously offered to help us try again on Tues 10.4.12.
Layered Ownership Personal meets Institutional
Institution can preload apps (free apps)
Uses institution iTunes Account (school admin and iTunes vouchers)and then personal iTunes Account (currently appears unlikely with our ‘tweaked’ set up)
Requires Apple Configurator
For adults and children aged 13 and over
Empowers the end user
Use Apple Configurator to install institutional apps and in-house apps
Setup Institution Apple ID in Apple Configurator
Enable long term checkout
Create device users and groups
End user uses iPad Setup Assistant, apps are preloaded and user can personalise
App Layering
Institutional Apps
Supervise to reject iTunes sync
Apple Configurator ignores end user apps
End user responsible for backup using iCloud
Device can be “recycled” but user retains own apps and all content
Institution gets apps from iTunes and end user gets apps from App Store
Same iTunes account on 5 computers… but one app per user should be applied
Parent Advice Possibilities:
YouTube Parental Controls
OpenDNS at home a possibility for parents, as suggested by Jim Elder. Not for the fainthearted parent though.
How to manage Apps by creating user profiles on a Mac
YouTube Passcode Restrictions
Posted on school website: Parents’ FAQs Are there Parental Controls on the iPad?
To access parental controls on the iPad, click on Settings then Restrictions.
You will be prompted for a four digit passcode. We will issue all parents/carers with the same passcode that we will use, so that school can still maintain and manage the devices.
The passcode for the iPad’s restrictions will need to be entered twice to make sure you don’t accidentally tap a different number than intended.

Now changed advice to:
*N.B. We asked you to provide an email account for your child, not tied to a credit card. However, we have worked closely with technical and education advisors over the Easter holidays and our initial set up of the iPads involves school locking down some of the settings, adding free Apps and school paid Apps and using a school based email account for all pupils. This will mean that currently it will not be possible for you to add Apps at home, though this may change as our model develops. We would still ask that you provide an email account for your child in case our model changes.
Now reads: Provide an email account for your child, not tied to a credit card. We have worked closely with technical and education advisors over the Easter holidays and our initial set up of the iPads involves adding free Apps and school paid Apps and using a school based email account for all pupils. Our model may change as the pilot develops. We are piloting configuration of the devices as much as their use and will consult with you on this.
Trying to get my head round restrictions, set at school and at home. These are some that can be put in place with Apple Configurator and then seem to be locked down in a bottom layer. Ones to think about are emboldened e.g. do we disable Game Centre? FaceTime? How does FaceTime sit with CEC policy on no live streaming? do we allow/disallow iMessage?
Apple Configurator can set a variety of device attributes, settings, and content, including:
iOS updates
Lock screen and wallpaper
Device name
Installed apps
Installed documents
Configuration profiles (including passcode policy, restrictions, Wi-Fi, VPN, and more settings)
You can also create a backup of one device’s settings, data, wallpaper, and Home screen layout and restore it to other devices.
Restrictions payload settings
Use this payload to specify which device features can be used. When the same restriction is set or cleared in more than one configuration profile, the more restrictive setting is applied.
Functionality restrictions
Allow use of camera: When this option is off, cameras are disabled and the Camera icon is removed from the Home screen. Users can’t take photos or videos, or use FaceTime.
Allow FaceTime: When this option is off, users can’t make or receive FaceTime video calls.
Allow screen capture: When this option is off, users can’t save a screenshot of the display.
Allow Photo Stream: When this option is on, users can enable Photo Stream. When this option is off, Photo Stream photos are erased from the device and photos from the Camera Roll aren’t sent to Photo Stream. If there are no other copies of these photos, they may be lost.
Allow installing apps: When this option is off, the App Store is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. Users are unable to install or update apps using the App Store or iTunes. You also can’t use Apple Configurator to install apps on unsupervised devices, but you can use Apple Configurator to install apps on supervised devices.
Allow in-app purchase: When this option is off, users can’t make in-app purchases.
Require iTunes password for all purchases: When this option is on, users are required to enter their Apple ID password before making any purchase. Normally, there’s a brief grace period after a purchase is made before users have to authenticate for subsequent purchases.
Allow multiplayer gaming: When this option is off, users can’t play multiplayer games in Game Center.
Allow adding Game Center friends: When this option is off, users can’t add friends in Game Center.
Allow iCloud document sync: When this option is on, users can store documents in iCloud.
Allow iCloud backup: When this option is on, users can back up their device to iCloud.
Allow automatic sync while roaming: When this option is off, devices that are roaming will sync only when an account is accessed by the user.
Force encrypted backups: When this option is off, users can choose whether or not device backups performed in iTunes are stored in encrypted format on their computer. If any profile is encrypted and this option is turned on, encryption of backups is required and enforced by iTunes. Profiles installed on the device by Apple Configurator are never encrypted. Don’t turn on this option when you’re configuring supervised devices, because encrypted devices can’t be configured in Apple Configurator. For more information about iTunes backups, see
must be on to enable find my iphone -Allow Location Services: When this option is off, the device can’t enable Location Services.
Allow users to accept untrusted TLS certificates: When this option is off, users aren’t asked if they want to trust certificates that can’t be verified. This setting applies to Safari and to Mail, Contacts, and Calendar accounts.
Send diagnostic and usage data to Apple: When this option is off, no iOS diagnostic information is sent to Apple.
Application restrictions
Allow use of YouTube: When this option is off, the YouTube app is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen.
Allow use of iTunes Store: When this option is off, the iTunes Store is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. Users can’t preview, purchase, or download content.
Allow use of Safari: When this option is off, the Safari web browser app is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. This also prevents users from opening web clips.
Enable autofill: When this option is off, Safari doesn’t remember what users enter in web forms.
Force fraud warning: When this option is off, Safari warn users about visiting websites identified as being fraudulent or compromised.
Enable JavaScript: When this option is off, Safari ignores all JavaScript on websites.
Block pop-ups: When this option is off, pop-up blocking in Safari is disabled.
Accept cookies: This option sets Safari’s cookie policy. Choose to accept all cookies, accept no cookies, or reject cookies from sites not directly accessed.
Media content restrictions
Ratings region: This option lets you choose which country’s ratings system to use.
Allowed content ratings: This option lets you choose the maximum rating allowed for each content type.
Allow explicit music and podcasts: When this option is turned off, explicit music or video content purchased from the iTunes Store is hidden. Explicit content is flagged by content providers, such as record labels, when sold through the iTunes Store.

Figurin' Configurin' at Sciennes

From: Lucy Gallagher
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 at 7:18am
Hi Jamie
Does our model change now in terms of how we enable restrictions since we haven't been able to lock down settings as planned? Do we now need to tell parents about 'Enable Restrictions' and get them to use a passcode? Could you please check the advice below and see if it needs amending/clarifying?:
*Provide an email account for your child, not tied to a credit card. We have worked closely with technical and education advisors over the Easter holidays and our initial set up of the iPads involves adding free Apps and school paid Apps and using a school based email account for all pupils. Our model may change as the pilot develops. We are piloting configuration of the devices as much as their use and will consult with you on this.
Should we talk parents through setting up 'Find my iPhone' or just advise them to do this on their own Apple ID and perhaps give them a handout about it?
Thank you for all your help. *STAR*

Jamie Marshall Wed, 11 Apr 

Hi Lucy
I would provide a link to the Apple KBase article that outlines how to setup a free iTunes account with no credit card:
Otherwise, yes I would advise parents to take note of the Restrictions settings but to take care not to forget the passcode.
Sent from my iPad

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