Thursday, 6 December 2012

iPad and 1:1 Weblinks

iPad and 1:1 Weblinks

Student Exit Survey
Parent Exit Survey
Information for Parents: Sciennes website>Learning>At Home> 1:1 Pilot Project
Parent Attendance Doodle Poll for Wed 28th March
Parent Information Event 28.3.12 Google Docs Presentation
Parent Attendance Doodle Poll for Official Launch Thurs 19th April Not all signed in on Doodle Poll – only 5 iPads not collected on night
Ready to Launch Advance Information and Invitation
Hull University Pupil Baseline Survey 1
Hull University Pupil Baseline Survey 2
Sciennes website>Learning>At Home> 1:1 Parent Log Google Docs form
WikiSpace SciennesPS WikiSpace for Parents
Sciennes website>Learning>At Home> 1:1 Pupil/Staff Log Google Docs Form. One possible way for staff/pupils to contribute to weekly logs
Issuu Sciennes Parents/Carers as Partners
Issuu Sciennes Pupil Technology and Internet Responsible Use Policy Contract
Issuu Sciennes iPad Pupil Guidelines
Issuu Sciennes Parent/Carer and Pupil iPad Responsible Use Contract
Issuu Apple Retail Centre Workshops
Apple Retail Centre Workshops
Official Launch 1
Official Launch 2
Sciennes Pupil Work Examples
Jacobite News 1
Jacobite News 2
P5 Animation
Blogging on the iPads in P6
Pupil Survey April 2012
Send to Dropbox Thanks to Jenni Robertson
iPads in Education
City of Edinburgh DigITal blog mobile devices
Fraser Speirs’ Blog
Gavinburn Head Teacher Gillian Penny’s blog
Apple Distinguished Educators’ Recommendations
iPads in Victoria, Australia
Technology Made Easy
iPads and Bloom’s Taxonomy
About Apple Configurator
Apple Configurator
Google Art Project
iPad Educators
iPad Tips for Educators

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