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Basecamp - Apple TV

Apple TV

From: Victoria Bowen
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012
Can we use Apple TV on our Interactive Whiteboards?
If so what do we need to do?

Fraser Speirs Tue, 27 Mar

Hi Victoria,
You will need a projector with an HDMI input (the same connector as is on most flat-screen TVs). Most projectors currently in use don’t have that input but yours might.
AppleTV requires that you have an HDMI capable projector. There are adapters available but none of them are particularly cheap. Perhaps Jamie can comment on current prices.

Jamie Marshall Tue, 27 Mar

Hi Victoria
The adapter that I mentioned earlier today is the Startech HDMI to Video adapter. It takes the video and audio from the HDMI on Apple TV and converts it to VGA for video and a standard audio jack.
As Fraser noted they are not inexpensive, we supply this one for £90 ex VAT. They are also quite difficult to source, we have 80 on backorder currently.
Your mileage will vary with these adapters as they are not officially supported. I have witnessed some issues when trying to play purchased iTunes videos through the adapter.
Post a photo of the inputs of your projector if you're not sure if it has HDMI.

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