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Basecamp - iTunes Accounts

itunes account

From: Victoria Bowen
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 at 10:30am
How do I set up a school itunes account to purchase the apps we need for the iPads?
How have other schools done this?

Michael Moore Tue, 27 Mar 

We purchased itunes cards for each ipad to the value of the apps that we wished to install.  These were then assigned to each ipad's account.

Willie Davidson Wed, 28 Mar 

At Bellshill Academy we set up accounts to tie into the Acceptable Use Policy (attached). It’s based on the assumption that we need to retain control of the pupils iPads and their content. We felt that this was particularly important as we have over 100 machines going home. Staff and parents needed to be guaranteed access and we did this by setting up accounts in advance and making it a breach of the policy to change any usernames or passwords. All log in details were based on the existing logins used to gain access to the school network.
On the evening when we distributed the iPads parents were required to come into school.  At the meeting I briefly went through the key points of the policy with parents and pupils. We then broke into registration classes and both parents & pupils were asked to read the policy and sign 2 copies (1 for them and 1 for the school). Parents then had a copy of the sign in details. The same details were put into a spreadsheet in the staff area of the school intranet. This allowed teachers to view any iPad and the school to use the “Find my iPad” facility.
By setting up the accounts ourselves it also ensured that North Lanarkshire Council retained control and ownership of the paid Apps we were installing (Pages, Keynote, iMovie & Garage Band). Pupils were warned that we could not guarantee that they would be able to transfer out any paid Apps they purchase. Finally we also added a link to Apples on line training through the school website.
The spreadsheet we created consisted of:
Bellshill Account
iPad No.
Ipad code
Tutor Class
Icloud Account
Serial Number
With each tutor class having a different spreadsheet.
Hope this is of use

Jamie Marshall Wed, 28 Mar 

By setting up a separate Apple ID for iCloud (that the user owns) and for app purchases (that the institution owns) this also allows for the student to retain ownership of the *content* created within the apps that the institution provides. This means that when the student leaves school and purchases their own iPad they can purchase their own copy of the app (e.g. Pages) and their content will be restored from their iCloud backup.

Configurator can currently deploy settings to 30 iPads at a time and it is possible to deploy an MDM payload to the devices to enrol them in an MDM solution. Bear in mind this is a 1.0 release and Apple will add more functionality in time.


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