Thursday, 6 December 2012

App Review Template

 Overview of the App
App Title:
App Publisher/Developer:
Link to App Store
Is it relevant to the curriculum? Operational
Is navigation easy? For example, index, contents, menus, clear icons Yes/ No
Is on-screen help and/or tutorial available? Yes/ No
Does it have multiple ability levels? Yes/ No
How does it respond to errors? For example, incorrect spelling. Yes/ No
Are there audio/video options with controls? Yes/ No
Can selected material be tagged, copied, pasted, saved, and printed? Yes/ No
Does it keep a history of the user’s work over a period of time? Yes/ No
Are there features that address special needs? For example, physical, aural, visual, EAL.
What support materials are included? For example, online resources, booklet, lesson plans, student worksheets?
Does the material accommodate different learning styles? Yes/ No
Is it developmentally and age appropriate? Yes/ No
Does it provide an opportunity to increase students’ understanding? Yes/ No
Does it provide an opportunity for higher order thinking? Yes/ No
Does it provide an opportunity for engagement and interaction? Yes/ No
Does it provide and opportunity for collaborative practice and sharing of ideas? Yes/ No
Does it promote creativity and imagination? Yes/ No
Does it provide an opportunity for problem solving? Yes/ No
Does it provide feedback and assessment? Yes/ N

Core Free Apps - First Deployment (pre-installed in Easter holiday on all iPads. Many thanks to Jamie Marshall from XMA, Fiona Hunter ICT Development Officer, Angela Christie, Wendy French and her daughter Erin, Fiona Barker, Alison Noble and Neil Scott for helping in three days of their holidays. Particular thanks to Wendy and her class for indepth research and review of these Apps.)

Apps are Listed Alphabetically:

AB Math Lite
Addroit HD Lite
Animals 100 Lite
Animoto Video Slideshows
Astro Math Free
AstorApp: Space Shuttle Crew
Basic Fraction
BrainPop Featured Movie
Butterfly Math Addition
Calculator for iPad HD
Chicken Coop Fractions Game Free- Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad
Dragon Dictation
Dreams of Burma (National Geographic Fotopedia)
Elevated Math
Epic Citadel
Era of Dino
Fotopedia Heritage
Fotopedia Japan
Fotopedia North Korea
Fotopedia Paris
Fotopedia Wild Friends
Fotopedia Women of the World
Free Spanish Tutor 24/7 Language Learning
Google Earth
Grammar Jammers
I Have App from Interface3. Naomi Kennedy from Edinburgh University
keen for us to trial this free maths App they have designed.
IMLS HD Junior Librarian (links to school library
iTunes U
Learn Spanish - Mindsnacks
Learn Spanish Free
Lonely Planet Globe Tripper HD Lite
Miss Spell's Class
Multiplication Genius x19 Free
Multiply Wiz Free
NASA Television
Overdrive Media Console- Library eBooks and Audiobooks=
PhotoPuppet HD Lite Free.
Picturizr for iPad
PopMath Lite
Promethean ActivEngage ActivEngage Pilot project
Puppet Pals HD
Spell That!
The Guardian Eyewitness
Timeline Eons
Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD
Weather HD Free

Apps being considered:
Screen Chomp
Moodboard Lite is free - Moodboard full version £6.99)
Viewfinder is very nicely designed but is expensive at £6.99. We could use
Advanced Search in Google as an alternative. Developed by Fraser Speirs, Connected Flow.

Possible Further Free Apps (Alphabetical):
eFlash Spanish and eFlash Spanish 2 flashcards
Flow Draw
Free Spanish Audio Flashcards
Idea Sketch
Khan Academy - hundreds of progressive maths tutorials from very
basics 1+1 on(download videos and watch offline)
Learn Spanish for Kids
Learn Spanish iLang
Learn Spanish with busuu
Maria's Spanish Class Lite
Motion Pictures -timelapse photography
Pic Collage
Pizza Frations (but annoyingly have to shake for new fraction)
Prezi Viewer - only to view prezis
Simple Math for Kids
Spanglish Free
Spanish Numbers
Sticky Notes (online Post Its)
The Elementals
Australian App Suggestions
The Land of Me - lovely free App for younger children

*School Purchased Prepaid Apps*
 Thank you to Mrs Noble for generously providing these Apps for our pupils:

eBook Creator

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