Saturday, 1 December 2012

Communication with Parents

Online Communication for Parents/Carers Throughout Project

School and Hull University conducted a Baseline Survey at the start of the project and an Exit Survey at the end with pupils and parents.

An online Google Doc form 1:1 Parent Log was established to gain comments, suggestions and ideas from parents throughout the project. The form could also be accessed through the school website Learning>At Home>1:1 Parent/Carer Log. 
A Wikispace was also set up 1:1 WikiSpace Learning>At Home>1:1 Wiki. 
Both channels were available in Sciennes' Glow portal in 'School Community Glow Groups' >1:1 Pilot Project.
Online channels were not used extensively by parents during the project and we have come to recognise that face to face meetings provide greater opportunities to strengthen partnerships and are a necessary prerequisite to online dialogue.

Support and Advice for Families
At school continue to be very receptive to requests for support and advice. We directed parents to useful online tutorials in TeacherTube or YouTube and encouraged them to search for tutorials to find out how to use the iPad and Apps. We suggested that YouTube can often display inappropriate material, so TeacherTube and Vimeo are good alternatives for education, since content is carefully moderated. For those new to Wikis, we pointed to  a TeacherTube tutorial.

We also suggested families consider booking a free workshop at one of the Apple Retail Centres in Buchanan Street or Braehead, Glasgow.

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