Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bingo Baker

Hi everyone,
I thought I would share a resource I made up on the website Bingo Baker (which I discovered on the techchef4u blog.  It works on the i-Pad if you play online.  My first attempt is probably a bit over complicated and I would probably play with each child working in a mixed ability pair the first time with me as the caller (rather than in table groups with a child as the caller as indicated in the word document).  When you click the link to a card, as a player, you then have to click the tab under, 'Play online' on the right hand side to play an interactive version of the card.  The squares turn orange when you tap them.  This took quite a while to make because I had to keep making a clone of each card and editing it so that I had five different cards and then saving the links but I think it would be a really easy and quick resource to make up for say spelling words.
Here is the link to the website if anyone fancies a try.

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