Sunday, 8 February 2015

iPads in P2

We introduced a class set of iPad Minis to the Infant Department in 2013-2014 and began using them 1:1 in a class of Primary Two pupils with Principal Teacher Ms Shona Pearmain. School use only, not home use, and we do not intend to send this set home at any point in the future. Mrs Barker's P7 class buddied with the younger children on several occasions to assist them last year.

We have rethought our approach, after listening to Class Teachers, and are now seeking to use the set more flexibly for group and pair work, rather than 1:1 whole class. In 2014-2015 free Apps selected by this year's P2 team of four Class Teachers have been installed and a more flexible approach is being used when deploying them within the three P2 classes.

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